East London Fringe Festival

The East London Fringe Festival is an intimate celebration of the creative spirit, heart and soul of inner East London. A physical manifestation of its artistry, it’s cultural diversity and its bohemian beauty. Ciara E-mailed me shortly before the 2016 Fringe Festival this summer, she needed a brochure creating to promote the event. It needed to be lively and funky and incorporate the feel and energy of the fringe festival its self. I created a lively bespoke brochure and had a lot of fun doing it. The event was a huge success and the brochure was a lot of fun to put together with the festivals team.


“We needed a brochure ASAP as the festival was fast approaching. We’d put a lot of work into organizing the event and we really wanted to give that final marketing push. There’s not much point having an event if people don’t know it’s there so we thought a short brochure we could hand out would be a perfect addition to our social media campaign when it came to getting the word out. We asked Tom to come up with something that captured the spirit of the festival and he really surpassed our expectations. We would like to thank Tom and Elisum Design for their hard work in making our festival a success!”
Ciara Moran Head of marketing – East London Fringe Fesitval

ClientEast London Fringe FestivalServicesBrochure, Design, Bespoke, IllustrationYear2016Linkhttp://www.eastlondonfringefest.co.uk/